Jinwoo Lee is a graphic designer.
He graduated from Kookmin University, Visual Communication Design and worked in Studio TEXT during 2014
–2017 as a Senior Designer and founded studio leejinwoo in 2018. 

Art Director/Founder, Studio leejinwoo, Seoul, Korea, 2018–
Senior Designer, Studio TEXT, Seoul, Korea, 2014–2017 / texttexttext.com

    Lectures, Talk
YCK 2018 Live Talks, Seoul, Korea, 2018
Typomania Festival, Moscow, Russia, 2017
Herald Design Tech, Seoul, Korea, 2016
Daejeon University, Daejeon, Korea, 2016
Kokkuk University, Seoul, Korea, 2016
Myongji College, Seoul, Korea, 2015
Designer School, Seoul, Korea, 2014

Typojanchi 2017 : Mohm, Connected Body and the Specific Places, Seoul, Korea, 2017
Blind Posters, Seoul, Kroea, 2017
Typomania Festival, Moscow, Russia, 2017
100 Films 100 Posters, Jeonju International Film Festival, Jeonju & Seoul, Korea, 2017
Notes & Ques, Seoul, Korea, 2015
Korean Society of Typography Exhibition: Intersection, 2015
Unexpected Sides, Seoul, Korea, 2013
Project; Archetype, Seoul, Korea, 2012
Nextwave3, Seoul, Korea, 2012
3, Seoul, Korea, 2012
Fiction, Seoul, Korea, 2012
Typography+α=Graphic Design, Seoul, Korea, 2008

    Worked with
Korea National Contemporary Dance Company
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea
National Hangeul Museum
National Folk Museum
National Theater Company of Korea
National Theater of Korea
Asia Culture Center, Seoul Design Foundation
Sejong Center for the Performing Arts
The Pavilion of the Republic of Korea
Gwangmyeong Cultural Foundation
Total Museum
Sungkok Art Museum
Samwon Paper Gallery
CME Group Inc. 
Moorim Paper
Bar Musk
Taeshin Inpack
Jungjin Waterpure

as a member of wkspwksp
    2nd Finding Originality, 崑山科技大學Kun Shan University, Tainan, Taiwan, 2018
    1st Finding Originality, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea, 2017
    5th Unpredictable Situation, DaeJeon, Korea, 2017
    4th Случайные ситуации Unpredictable Situation in Typomania 2017, Moscow, Russia, 2017
    3rd Unpredictable Situation, Seoul, Korea, 2017
    2nd Unpredictable Situation, Seoul, Korea, 2017
    1st Unpredictable Situation, Seoul, Korea, 2017

as a member of the Glyphs 
    the Glyphs lettering workshop, Seoul, Korea, 2015

Reddot Awords, 2015—MMCA Hyundai motor series: Lee Bul
Adobe Design Achievement Awords, 2014—Type Composer
Adobe Design Achievement Awords, 2014—The Show Must Go on in Singapore
Output, 2014—Type Composer
Output, 2013—Archetype—Icy Black Letter
Adobe Design Achievement Awords, 2013—Archetype—Icy Black Letter
Adobe Design Achievement Awords, 2013—Archetype—Twinkle Module Type

BFA, Visual Communication Design, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea